The 80's, Star Wars, and Other Trends

The 80's, Star Wars, and Other Trends

Periodically, the best-laid plans for a podcast go off the rail for an interesting conversation. Follow along as Bryan and Brian talk about everything from 80's music to spoiling Star Wars movies.

Dayton: Chock Full of Events in 2018

Dayton: Chock Full of Events in 2018

What is going on in the Miami Valley in 2018? Too much to fit into forty minutes! Listen to the gents make a valiant effort to lay it all out for you. Look at the Notes section of this one, because it is chock full of information.

Resolving to Change in 2018

What are you looking forward to change in 2018? The Dynamic Duo dive into what they are looking forward to working on in 2018, how we are too focused on failure, and exploring more of Dayton, OH.

Side Hustling Across Dayton

Do you know anyone that does not have a side hustle? With so much work out there to do and so much of it accessible via the web, it is becoming easier to have a second, and even third, source of income. There is a wide variety of reasons for people to pick one up. It could be work for an industry you want to break in to or getting ahead in your current position. The humble podcasters, and many of their friends, know all about the side hustle, and had a wide ranging discussion about it.

December in Dayton

The holidays are here. That means family and friends will be coming to the Gem City, and you are going to have to entertain them. Our heroes explore what there is to do in Dayton when it gets cold, from places to eat to ice skating to cultural attractions. 

Where will you be taking the family during the holidays?

Bonus Podcast: Gifts For Those Truly in Need

These two guys are both softies. They have spent their fair share in the nonprofit sector and know the importance of donations during the holidays. Most charities see over 50 percent of their donations come between October and December, and 50 percent of that number in December alone. 

There is a multitude of reasons and ways to get resources to your favorite charity. Some are active, where you give money right to the organization. Others are passive, where you can go about your daily business and give pennies on each transaction. That adds up to some real money!

Under the episode, you will find a multitude of notes and links on donating to these charities. Listen, share, and above all, enjoy the time you will be spending with friends and family over the holidays. If you have suggestions for other charities, let us know and we can add them to the  

Passive Giving Through the Year

Amazon Smile - You are going to do a ton of shopping on Amazon. Not just during the holidays, but all year long. Why not have a percentage of your spending go to the charity of your choice? Register and donate while you shop!

We Care - Yes, we mentioned Target in the podcast. But they ended that program a while ago. We-Care, on the other hand, has partnered with places people are shopping so making those purchases helps the organizations you care about.

Kroger Plus - You buy groceries every week. Or every two weeks. And while you are earning points towards gas or other benefits, you can also be making a donation to your favored charity. You have to renew this on a yearly basis, so mark it on the calendar for a New Year's resolution!

Mentioned in the podcast

Hannah's Treasure Chest - "Provides care packages of clothes, toys, books, safety equipment and hygiene items including diapers through partner agencies in Butler, Greene, Montgomery, and Warren counties." - from the website

Artemis Center - This Dayton institution does more than just offer shelter to women and families fleeing abuse; they offer a path out of it. By helping people navigate the legal system and develop a means of support, they offer empowerment to those that feel powerless.

Hope Foundation - As noted on the website, "$5 feeds a family of three for three days." They are feeding over 3,000 people a month, and that number keeps growing. They aren't waiting for people to come to them; they have the ability to bring the food to those that need it. 

Shoes 4 the Shoeless - Though we may not realize it, a good pair of well-fitting shoes is important for a child's development. This organization has been helping match the right pair of shoes to kids in need since 2010.

A Kid Again - "We make life for families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness 'normal' again by helping them gain back moments of positive, family-shared experiences and memories." - from the website

St Vincent de Paul - There are many people in the Miami Valley that are close to homelessness. This organization helps over 100,000 people a year with services that range from providing a place to stay to helping them with bills to prevent them from losing their home.

Crayons to Classrooms - Resources can be difficult to come by for classrooms. This organization provides free materials to teachers and students, giving them the materials that are critical to a child's success. 

SICSA - Placing cats and dogs in homes is just the tip of the iceberg for this organization. They deal with exotic pets as well, from lizards to birds. SICSA also helps control the pet population by spaying and neutering our furry friends for a very reasonable rate.

Foodbank - For just $10, you can provide forty meals to your neighbors. With the support of the community, they redistribute food that is brought to them to those that need it the most. Some of these families, up to one in four, are part of the working poor.

House of Bread - Providing warm meals to over 122,000 people every year can be an expensive prospect. They have moved into a larger space, which will help them provide more meals to hungry Daytonians in need. 

Equitas Health - Formerly ARC Ohio, they have been providing HIV and AIDS education to greater Dayton for decades. This has expanded in recent years to provide dental services, medical care, and other services to primarily the LGBTQ community.

Clothes That Work - Getting a job is more than just having a good resume and the right skills. It takes the right look and the right professional training to get people back into the workforce. This organization goes beyond providing a professional outfit. They provide a professional image.

Pink Ribbon Girls - Who better to create a charity to help breast cancer survivors than other survivors? This organization provides support to the women fighting this hard battle, and their families. Because of their support, they truly show that "No One Travels This Road Alone."

Other charities to contribute to:

Victory Project - By providing life-enriching experiences to youth in the community, the Victory Project keeps teens off the street and helps them build skills. They build relationships with community leaders and each other. 

Kids Read Now - This non-profit is committed to spreading literacy by providing summer reading programs for kindergarten through third grade. They provide books kids want to read all summer long, stopping them from losing educational ground over that break.

Giving Thanks for Being in Dayton

Where did this thing begin? It started in the social media department at a local trucking company in Wilmington, OH, and we have made a coffee table in the Dayton suburbs. This may be the first podcast out from us, it is not the first time we recorded. Though you may think it is.