Dayton: Chock Full of Events in 2018

What are you doing in 2018? Even though this podcast was just under forty minutes, it could have gone another hour. There is so much to do in Dayton, we barely made it through March on the calendar. This is a good podcast to help you plan out the first quarter of the year. Bryan and Brian are going to have to revisit it closer to the end of March to catch up on spring and summer events.

Normally this would be in the Notes, but we really want to make sure you see you can help Salar Dayton. One of Dayton's culinary masterworks was gutted by a fire at the end of 2017. They are closed indefinitely, but the rest of the community is rallying around to help them, as they do. A GoFundMe page has been started to help them and any donations would be welcome.

Notes from the Podcast  

Flyboys Deli - Download the app, and your four-napkin Liberty Reuben can be ready when you get there. They are opening a new location in Fairborn, and you can become part of their Aces Club!

The Famous - Follow them on Facebook, especially on #FamousFriday, to see how the building is coming along.

Hairless Hare - Someday they will move south of their Vandalia location. That time is coming soon. Until then, it is worth the trip to just outside the airport for their beers.

City of Fairborn - They are doing some amazing things in that city. If you have not been there recently, we suggest you take a look.

First Four Dayton - Tickets are available now, so buy yours before they sell out. Mid-March is going to be here sooner than you think.

Blue Note Bistro - This Chicago-inspired jazz club, sitting in the heart of Miamisburg, offers fine cocktails and a delightful food menu in an intimate environment.

Roost - This upscale restaurant concept from Chef Dana Downs has two very unique locations: one nestled in the Oregon District, and one that serves the concertgoers at the Fraze Pavilion.

Corner Kitchen - Located at the intersection of Fifth and Wayne, this is where you go when you want the fine dining but are wearing jeans. Their menu has something for everyone.

Lily's Bistro - Always seasonal and always experimental. This is another of the pillars of dining in the Oregon District. Their ever-changing menu keeps Dayton coming back again and again.

Heavier Than Air - Check out their website to see what is currently on tap! This Centerville brewery draws its inspiration, and attitude, from the pioneering spirit of Dayton.

FigLeaf Brewing - Bring your dog (to the patio), grab a pint, and relax with this young brewery in Middletown. Or you can head over to...

Rolling Mill Brewing - Gluten-free beer is usually difficult to come by. Fortunately, we have one positioned just a quick drive south. 

Levitt Pavilion - Taking a largely unused green space and transforming it into a community gathering space for events and free concerts is just another step in reviving downtown Dayton.

Fraze Pavilion - This has been the home to concerts, special events, and food festivals for decades. In the heart of Kettering, keep an eye on their growing 2018 event schedule.

Hunger Paynes - Another food truck that is making the jump to a stand-alone dining space, this time a beer and wine spot at the Dayton Mall!

Zombie Dogz - Listen to Suddith; the fact they have a coney sampler could be a game changer. This is the place you need to go, since their food truck closed last year.

Duck Donuts - Do not listen to Suddith; this is a great place to buy some gourmet donuts for the office.  

Dayton Celtic Festival - Always the last week in July, this year the 27th to the 29th. There will be concerts and events up to that point to help raise money for it, keeping it free to enter.

Dublin Pub - Another place in the Oregon District that has grown over the years, notjust in reputation but in size. It has an amazing St. Patrick's Day event every year. 

Flanagan's Pub - A hot spot for the FIrst Four, St. Patrick's Day, and just about any celebrating you want to do near the University of Dayton. A proper and respectable dive bar with delightful food. 

Harrigan's Tavern - A local favorite located in Kettering, for those south of town that are looking for a good place for a drink and bite to eat with some Irish flair.

Dayton Dragons - The Class A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. They are the keepers of the longest sellout streak in professional sports and a great place to take the family to a game.

Montgomery County Upcoming Election - Possibly not as fun to visit as some of the other places we are pointing you to, but a very important place. Register to vote, check you polling location, and learn about the issues on the ballot in one spot.

Gem City ComicCon - Comics, games, and several days of people dressed as their favorite characters. Check out the featured guests and vendors!

D20 - Twenty beers on tap, with the option to roll a die for a discount. Craft cocktails and hundreds of games available as well. If you get hungry, there are plenty of places in the area you can find food to bring.

Cardboard Crowns - Plenty of food, beer, wine, and other beverages to enjoy while you game. There is a library of over 700 games and booths for those of you that want a little privacy when you get into the sixth hour of Twilight Imperium.

Gem City Catfe - Coffee and cats, right in downtown Dayton. Is there anything more you can ask for in terms of a place to relax and get some work done?

Story Slam Dayton - The third Tuesday of every month sees storytellers from around the Miami Valley head to Wiley's Comedy Club to hear tales based on that month's theme. Admission is just $5!   

Dayton Most Metro - The best place to go to learn about the events, lifestyles, and culinary delights that make up the Dayton area. Check out their event calendar to start planning out your 2018!