The 80's, Star Wars, and Other Trends

The 80's, Star Wars, and Other Trends

Periodically, the best-laid plans for a podcast go off the rail for an interesting conversation. Follow along as Bryan and Brian talk about everything from 80's music to spoiling Star Wars movies.

Dayton: Chock Full of Events in 2018

Dayton: Chock Full of Events in 2018

What is going on in the Miami Valley in 2018? Too much to fit into forty minutes! Listen to the gents make a valiant effort to lay it all out for you. Look at the Notes section of this one, because it is chock full of information.

Resolving to Change in 2018

What are you looking forward to change in 2018? The Dynamic Duo dive into what they are looking forward to working on in 2018, how we are too focused on failure, and exploring more of Dayton, OH.

Side Hustling Across Dayton

Do you know anyone that does not have a side hustle? With so much work out there to do and so much of it accessible via the web, it is becoming easier to have a second, and even third, source of income. There is a wide variety of reasons for people to pick one up. It could be work for an industry you want to break in to or getting ahead in your current position. The humble podcasters, and many of their friends, know all about the side hustle, and had a wide ranging discussion about it.

December in Dayton

The holidays are here. That means family and friends will be coming to the Gem City, and you are going to have to entertain them. Our heroes explore what there is to do in Dayton when it gets cold, from places to eat to ice skating to cultural attractions. 

Where will you be taking the family during the holidays?

Giving Thanks for Being in Dayton

Where did this thing begin? It started in the social media department at a local trucking company in Wilmington, OH, and we have made a coffee table in the Dayton suburbs. This may be the first podcast out from us, it is not the first time we recorded. Though you may think it is.