Pairing Wine With The Holidays

The holidays are here! Whether you are the host of a party or going to a party, you are going to need some wine for your guests. Having a variety of wines for your guests is important for their enjoyment. Especially if you are going to be pairing it with food. There are many different ways to pair wine with food, from complimenting the flavors in the food for an explosion of flavor to complimenting for balance.

With the sheer amount of wines out there to select, a person can get pretty lost. Fortunately, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure that you are getting the right wine that goes with the food you are serving. Or that is being served.

Below is a great guide to help you navigate the wine aisle as you are shopping during the holidays. You can see the original article at Sonoma-Cutrer, where you can also find other suggestions and tips on holiday wines!