Celtic Festival Tasting!

One of the many summer festivals that brings people to downtown Dayton is the United Irish of Dayton Celtic Festival! The 2016 event will take place from July 29th to July 31st, with music, food, dancing, booths to stock up on all items Irish, and of course, drinking. This year I am pleased to announce I will be teaming up with Belle Of Dayton to do a tasting at 7:30 PM. After a few weeks of experiments and working with the fine people at Belle, we have come up with this tasting flight. Each cocktail will be 2 oz. total and the first sample will be one-half ounce. 

Belle Of Dayton Vodka - The base on which most of the other cocktails are made on. A Platinum Award winning spirit, this vodka is smooth and local. 

Spiked Peach Sweet Tea - Something simple to keep cool in the warm weather. Made with peach-infused sweet tea and Belle of Dayton vodka, it is perfect to sip while sitting on the porch on a warm Dayton evening. Which we seem to have many of.

Cherry Apple Cider - One thing that the Irish enjoy drinking is a crisp, hard cider. You can infuse a bottle of vodka with some summer cherries to add a little flavorful kick to this traditional Irish libation. 

Summer Heat - Belle of Dayton's Hells chili vodka, made with nine distinct chilis, may be thought of as a Bloody Mary-only spirit. But add some grapefruit and mango and you can tame the heat a little and enjoy a fruitier cocktail. 

Irish Nightcap - The Irish Coffee is traditionally served to fight off sleep with the coffee and chill with the whiskey. While Belle of Dayton may not have whiskey (yet), they do offer a lovely colonial rum to enjoy. This nightcap features cold brewed coffee to top the rum, along with coffee liqueur made from the rum to sweeten the deal. 

Tickets are on sale now! Join the team from Belle of Dayton and I for the end to a perfect Saturday. It will be a good way to spend some time before Gaelic Storm and Socks In The Frying Pan go on stage. See you on Saturday night!